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Days Gone's trailer details the game's brutal and harsh world

Published: 13:42, 22 April 2019
A man standing in the rain looking at crashed plane in Days Gone
Days Gone

SIE Bend Studio's post-apocalyptic zombie tale Days Gone is officially in the final stretch and the dev has released the first of many trailers in the upcoming days. Today's video takes us deeper into the brutally harsh world of Days Gone.

Sony are obviously hell-bent on documenting every bit of effort that goes into their games, and after announcing the feature documentary on God of War called , they went straight to Oregon to do something similar with Days Gone's developer.

Deacon St. John is not getting a documentary, but Sony have plenty of interviews and behind the scenes footage, which they'll be rolling out in the following days.

The World of Days Gone trailer is all about treacherous environments of the Pacific Northwest, and the team made sure that the Oregon high desert is made just right to support Deacon's main means of transportation - his trusty steed.

That Days Gone tried to step away from the traditional zombie game formula is first evident in the world itself. Bend didn't want a world 100 years from disaster - they wanted you in the thick of it. 

Days Gone writer and director John Garvin said, "If you ride into Marion Forks, which is a small town, you'll see that, oh, everything's been looted. There's trash everywhere, but the buildings are kinda mostly still intact, and that was a vibe that we really wanted to explore, because, again, we hadn't seen that in video games."

A great amount of care went into ensuring that Days Gone's world is a hostile one, be it because of the weather or other threats. Throughout the game Deacon will be fighting humans, freakers and even animals, so yeah, this world , as Bend aptly put it. 

Sony Days Gone protagonist on a motorcycle following another biker Days Gone, main method for traversing the map

Yet another reason that makes Days Gone appealing is that its protagonist is just your ordinary guy that seems to have gotten into more trouble than he deserved - a sentiment we can all relate to at some point in our lives.

"He's not sprinting up walls and he's not sliding down ladders really fast. He's not a superhero and he gets tired. On the other hand, he can ride a bike. So, the guy has got a bike, he's really good at it, and as a player, you can help him get better at it."

You can find the full blog post .

Days Gone, open world zombie survival game by SIE Bend

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Days Gone

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