Lies of P: Scrapped Watchman boss fight tips and strategies

Published: 14:00, 15 September 2023
Lies of P: How to beat Strapped Watchman boss
Lies of P: How to beat Strapped Watchman boss

The initial boss in Lies of P where you have the option to summon a spectre to aid you in combat is the Scrapped Watchman. In this guide, we will demonstrate how to defeat this boss with relative ease.

The first boss battles in Lies of P , the most recent action-adventure RPG in the Souls-like genre by Neowiz Games , will act as a warm-up challenge for what lies ahead as the game ramps up its difficulty.

Therefore, the third boss in sequence, and concurrently the first one where you can enlist the aid of a spectre, is the Scrapped Watchman. This colossal puppet policeman employs electrifying or "blitz" attacks, as referred to in Lies of P.

If this boss is proving to be a formidable challenge, these brief tips will assist you in defeating it more effortlessly.

How to beat Scrapped Watchman

Given that this marks the initial introduction of the spectre mechanic in the game, it's highly recommended that you use this assistance. However, it's crucial to note that each time you summon a spectre, you expend one Star Fragment. If the number of Star fragments in your inventory is low, it might be advisable to initially attempt the boss fight on your own. Once you've familiarised yourself with the boss's attack patterns, you can then opt to call upon the specter's aid. Ultimately, the decision rests with you.

During the battle, begin by maintaining a safe distance and await the moment when the boss's attention shifts towards the spectre. When this occurs, lock on to the boss and execute a roll to position yourself behind him. While the boss is preoccupied with the spectre, seize the opportunity to inflict damage using this strategy.

AltChar Lies of P: Strapped Watchman will use blitz attacks on you Lies of P: Strapped Watchman will use blitz attacks on you

Employing the Puppet String legion arm is also beneficial for interrupting the boss's attack patterns, thereby preventing him from eliminating your spectre. The longer you can keep the spectre active, the more advantageous it becomes, making it easier to concentrate your efforts on dealing with the boss.

Another crucial aspect to consider is executing precise dodges when the boss initiates attacks, while also being mindful of your stamina consumption. Overall, this boss isn't overly challenging, and by adhering to these recommendations, you can potentially defeat it on your initial attempt.


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