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Darwin Project's update introduced a pile of new customization

Published: 22:08, 25 April 2018
Scavengers Studio
A pile of inmates are dressed in different outfits in Darwin Project
Darwin Project

Darwin Project's customization potential was increased exponentially with the newest update, which brought over 200 new cosmetic items, including a spoofed version of Adidas tracksuits that are extremely popular in Russian gopnik culture.

Scavengers Studio has breathed new life into Darwin Project by switching to Free to Play model from having a base price tag. This was a risky move, as it angered many fans who had already bought the game, even though they were compensated with Founder's Packs. In the end, it turned out to be massive success for the game, as it previously struggled to get 600 concurrent players together, but numbers over 9000 are a common sight.

The developers have decided to press the attack by introducing a new update to the game, that brought over 200 cosmetic items on 24 April 2018. This update involved a change in player progression which required the developers to reset everyone's level to 1. Other stats such as Official Rating and Games Played were untouched, as the level is the only metric that will be used for earning cosmetic items in the future.

Players will gain Fans as they play more matches in Darwin Project, and these fans will occasionally send them Fan Gifts. These packages are essentially cosmetic loot boxes that will award players a random piece of clothing or a weapon skin. 

Now, clothing and weapons aren't the only part of customizations players want to see, as there are not nearly enough hairstyle and facial hair options in the game at the moment. This was not left unaddressed either, as Scavengers Studio have promised that these options will be coming soon™. That said, it is nice to see the developers are embracing certain memes, such as squatting slavs.

Scavengers Studio A Slav inmate is crouching, heels to the floor style, in his fake Adidas tracksuit. Darwin Project - Gopnik

The specimen above is the classic example of a gopnik, by the Slav encyclopedia known as Boris. While the cosmetics were the highlight of this update, there have also been bug fixes and quality of life changes for Darwin Project, about which you can read at the game's .

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