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Darwin Project reaches 1 million users milestone ahead of a patch

Published: 16:06, 19 May 2018
Scavengers Studio
Poster showing that Darwin Project has reached one million players
Darwin Project

Darwin Project has been rejuvenated ever since it went free to play. The latest milestone is a testament to that, but Scavengers Studio aren't stopping there, dropping a new patch days after the game reached one million downloads.

Scavengers Studio have stepped on toes of many players who bought Darwin Project when they announced that the game is going free to play. Players were disgruntled even though they were compensated with in-game cosmetics, but in the end the move proved to be a good one. Well, more than "good", since the game was struggling to get 500 concurrent players before the free to play transition and it close to eight times that number these days.

It went so far that the Darwin Project reached one million inmates, as Scavengers Studios announced on the game's official Facebook page. Two days afterwards, the developers deployed another major patch that brought the ability to choose different crafting wheel playstyles, show director progression update and new cosmetics.

Crafting wheel playstyles will basically be loadouts that will be employed by newcomers and players otherwise less familiar with Darwin Project's mechanics. There are three loadouts, or playstyles, that were introduced with the patch - The Hunter, The Goon and The Shadow. 

The Hunter is, as the name suggests, a loadout that specialises in tracking the trails left by the opponents in order to gather as much intelligence as possible before confronting them. The Goon is the loadout for those who don't have as much patience as Hunters, and just want to jump in while yelling "INMATE SMASH". This one will focus on combat bonuses in order to provide an edge while using brute force. The Shadow is the playstyle that will focus on "low key" eliminations with traps and arrows.

Scavengers Studio Images and descriptions of the new playstyles in Darwin Project Darwin Project

Show directors will now have separate level and fan progression. The better the rating of a show director, the more fans they will get after a match. Meanwhile. each new level earned by experience will provide the directors with additional powers.

There are also new axe skins that look like chainsaws and new headwear gasmasks whose screenshots you can check on .

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