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Darwin Project gets a release date - coming to PlayStation 4

Published: 18:10, 17 December 2019
Scavengers Studio
A female character in Darwin Project looking up into the sky
Darwin Project

Scavengers Studio's Darwin Project got a release date. The game will launch for PC, Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4. The dev team has added a new class system and fresh gear. The in-game shop has also been updated. Darwin Project is free to play.

Darwin Project - Scavengers Studio's battle royale game is coming to PlayStation 4. It even has a new trailer and everything. The release date is set for January 2020.

The full release will add PlayStation 4 to the list of platforms after 3.6 million players have already experienced the game via Steam's Early Access and Xbox' Game Preview. Darwin Project's new cinematic trailer displays the new Show Director role, streaming integrations, new classes, and more.

Darwin Project is free to play and in preparation for the game's launch, Scavengers Studio has worked on some new content and features to keep it fresh for the returning players and try to thrill the new ones.

The game will have a new class system and the inmates will get a chance to choose from a selection of "highly advanced proprietary technology" known as Gear that has been modified for the Arena. The Gear should complement everyone's play style and grant the upper hand when push comes to shove.

The gear includes:

  • Jet Wings - The power of flight lets players out-manoeuvre their foes and deal death from above
  • Grapple Gauntlet - A mechanized hand that allows players to rapidly close the gap with their opponents
  • Headhunter Drone - A robotic companion to track targets and do the player's bidding 

Darwin Project will also boast an updated in-game shop. The players will have access to new cosmetics and all items will be available for purchase through the game's dressing room. 

Darwin Project is currently available for free on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview.

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