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Cuisine Royale update adds duos and squads, tweaks graphics

Published: 06:45, 28 June 2018
Updated: 18:31, 28 June 2018
Darkflow Software
Two man clad in various cookware from f2p game Cuisine Royale
Cuisine Royale

I don't want to jinx it but these are usually the best sorts of gaming love stories - Cuisine Royale's latest update is adding duos and squads to their ridiculously fun and funny cookware flavoured battle royale. And the fans rejoiced.

Darkflow Software wrote this on their Steam page, "So, now you no longer need to write coments like 'ALL WE NEED IS THE ABILITY TO DUO AND SQUAD', but instead, you can politely suggest other useful features." If that's not a love story in the making, early jitters and all, then I'm a Donkey Kong's uncle. 

Anyway, this means that Cuisine Royale has just turned more social, allowing you to wreak cookware-clanking havoc upon your unsuspecting prey. Bah, who am I kidding, everyone and their deaf mothers can hear you trudge along, because those waffle iron armour sets are anything but subtle. You'd be hard pressed to find a more clever game mechanics too.

The dev streamlined the grouping loot that drops from dead enemies, making it easier to pick up your spoils of war. On a side note, the video above, somewhere around the 0:25 mark, shows one of my encounters in Cuisine Royale, where an unknown sneaky hero blew my head off after hiding between the loot. Wasn't even mad.

Darkflow did some tweaks in Cuisine Royale's graphics department, mostly related to anti-aliasing and ground quality. There have been some fixes to video driver issues, as well as the "Level loaded without local player" bug.

If you're looking for your next addiction, then Cuisine Royale is as good as any. Firstly, its fans often call it the PUBG killer, even though I don't remember having this much fun in PUBG, ever. Secondly, and will remain so until 02 July 2018, when Darkflow will have to start shelling out for the servers.

Darkflow Software A man clad in cookware approaching a vehicle in Cuisine Royale Cuisine Royale

I just can't stress it enough, fun is the crucial element of games, something that many developers seemingly lose touch with down the line. It is that unadulterated, goofy, stupid fun that seeps through Cuisine Royale, clearly a testament to a game that was made as an April Fools' joke. Nobody's laughing now, eh? Actually, I am. Like a schoolboy.

You can find the .

Darkflow Software A man with holding a rifle, wearing cookware in Cuisine Royale Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale latest update added duos and squads

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Cuisine Royale
The fun and addictive Cuisine Royale received a new update that added duo and squad. Unlike its counterpart PUBG, this battle royale is free, well at least until 02 July 2018. Now you can enjoy wearing cookware along with your friends.

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