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Cuisine Royale marches on with new guns and anti-cheat system

Published: 12:52, 24 July 2018
Darkflow Software
A cookware-clad man kneeling next to a red fridge in Cuisine Royale
Cuisine Royale

We guess more cookware warrants more weapons and that's exactly what Darkflow Software have added in the last update to their cookware-utilising battle royale game Cuisine Royale. Oh, and the game now comes with EasyAntiCheat as well.

Darkflow listed the new weapons on Cuisine Royale's Steam page, saying they're - Soviet hand-operated machine gun DP-27 and British submachine gun STEN MkII. As for anti-cheat methods, Cuisine Royale is getting the EasyAntiCheat, which although not perfect, is a step in the right direction.

There have been some issues with exiting car doors, both locked and unlocked and Darkflow claim they've fixed it, albeit "subject to further testing". It's also been possible to breathe under Cuisine Royale's waters when lying down, which has also been addressed.

Other teammates will be marked more clearly on the minimap from now on, whereas grenade trajectories will no longer shine through walls. The final change are shadows, which have been significantly improved for low graphics settings.

Cuisine Royale continues to make great strides, after the last update added duo and squad teamplay as well as a bunch of co-op oriented features. To be fair, the game's community is already pretty passionate about the game and they've been pulling Darkflow's sleeve for duos and squads for quite a while now. 

The update also added the StG 44 assault rifle and boosted both graphics and server performance. Not that you should be expecting wonders from Cuisine Royale at this stage and in case you weren't familiar, the game started off as .

As these things usually go, people latch onto funny stuff and before you know it, you've got a community to cater to. Thankfully, Darkflow didn't pull a PUBG Corp - they went about polishing Cuisine Royale one update at a time.

Naturally, there's still some way to go before you'd call it a polished article, but Cuisine Royale has all the right ingredients - cookware-loving fanbase and a willing developer.

Darkflow Software A man holding a rifle aiming at an empty field in Cuisine Royale Cuisine Royale

The game's definitely got mojo, for lack of a better word, and wait 'till you hear the delightful clanking of your cookware-turned-armour. On a related note, here's what Telxvi had to say about the PUBG-Cuisine Royale-TABG relation.

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