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Cuisine Royale is coming to Xbox One at some point in 2019

Published: 00:43, 15 January 2019
Darkflow Software
A man with holding a rifle, wearing cookware in Cuisine Royale
Cuisine Royale

Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment probably didn't count on Cuisine Royale being a major hit by their standards, as the game is a parody of PUBG. Still, it sold enough to warrant a port to Xbox One, which will come in 2019.

Cuisine Royale is technically already available on Xbox One, but only on Xbox Insider Hub and therefore only playable by Xbox Insiders. This will apparently serve as a beta test of sorts since Darkflow and Gaijin are calling for Insiders to try the game out before the official launch or before the participation slots get filled as they are apparently limited.

For those unaware of Cuisine Royale's existence, the game is a battle royale, just as the name suggests. What the name doesn't explicitly state is that it is also a parody of PUBG where players shoot each other up with realistic firearms but their choice of armour is, uh, quirky.

Staying true to the "cuisine" part of the name, Gaijin and Darkflow let players use kitchenware such as spoons, forks, woks and even pans. Bluehole never sued them apparently for the pan usage. Anyway, the weird stuff doesn't end with wearing items you normally put food in, as healing can be done by attaching an IV feed to your character in order to boost their health regeneration.

Just like many other online games, Cuisine Royale will offer seasonal events, but they also took it one step further. There is an upcoming event based on and named after Wild West. It remains to be seen whether the cowboys, Native Americans and outlaws will wear pans and such for protection.

Darkflow Software A man clad in cookware running in Cuisine Royale video game Cuisine Royale

Darkflow didn't miss the opportunity to flaunt their unique take on Loot Boxes. This plague of modern gaming is actually scattered all over the battlefield and can be opened for free once a player stumbles upon one. It even states drop chances upfront so heartbreaking moments should be minimised.

Cuisine Royale latest update added duos and squads

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Cuisine Royale
The fun and addictive Cuisine Royale received a new update that added duo and squad. Unlike its counterpart PUBG, this battle royale is free, well at least until 02 July 2018. Now you can enjoy wearing cookware along with your friends.

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