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Cuisine Royale gets major update dubbed Weird West: Age of Nagual

Published: 14:51, 13 October 2019
Darkflow Software
A cookware-clad man kneeling next to a red fridge in Cuisine Royale
Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale, Darkflow Software's cookware-happy take on battle royale, has received a major content update called Weird West: Age of Nagual. So, players will be getting a huge new map, fresh character, weapons, items, skills and more.

With the new update, Sniper Annie and bouncer Clyde have received company - Itz Ocelotl, a shaman of the Aztec people. He'll be wearing four thematic outfits from regular warior to Jaguar Knight, and his talismans will grant him tactical bonuses. 

"Together with Ocelotl you'll be able to unlock and use 9 talismans giving you additional souls for rituals, kills, food consumption, jumps as well as a 30% discount for mystic signs and ritual usage. Ocelotl can also wear any of the current masks", Darkflow wrote. 

All the Cuisine Royale characters come with unique abilities, starting with Annie's bullet-time, allowing her to slow down time by half for three seconds. We're talking about everything in real-time, and Darkflow argue that it's the first implementation of time paradox technology in multiplayer games. 

"The time paradox means Annie can kill in the past, changing the present. Or die in the future, changing her past. Sound strange? Well, that is what a paradox is all about. Playing with time - is a dangerous thing", they said. Sounds like it's a sniper's dream, but get ready to catch up with reality real fast after your time is done. 

Cuisine Royale's Clyde gets the Beast mode, where he's faster and stronger. There's a catch though - no guns, or even blades - Clyde handles his business with his hands. 

The new guy, Ocelotl, is a shaman and his Cuisine Royale special ability is moving through "the spirit world" and be invisible for others. He does, however, leave foot prints in the sand and there's smoke from the Cigar of Ogum that will serve as tells.

  • New location “Mexico”.
  • New game character “Ocelot”.

Special character abilities:    

  • Annie “Pin-up” Ashley can slow down her own time by half for three seconds by creating a time paradox and using the ability to shoot more accurately.    
  • Clyde “Dozen” Mullican can appeal to the fury of the beast, becoming faster and stronger, and going into an effective fist fight mode.    
  • Ocelot can open doors to the world of spirits and move invisibly and intangibly while in this form.

New weaponry:   

  • German PzB 39 anti-tank single shot rifle.    
  • American M1917 Enfield magazine bolt-action  rifle.     
  • American M1941 Johnson semi-automatic rifle.     
  • Ithaca 37 Pump-action shotgun.    
  • German Dreyse M1907 pistol.    
  • Aztec Macuahuitl Sword.    
  • Aztec Royal Macuahuitl Sword.    
  • Baseball bat.

Cuisine Royale latest update added duos and squads

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Cuisine Royale
The fun and addictive Cuisine Royale received a new update that added duo and squad. Unlike its counterpart PUBG, this battle royale is free, well at least until 02 July 2018. Now you can enjoy wearing cookware along with your friends.

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