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Crusade Kings 3 - Fate of Iberia Flavor Pack Introduces New Buildings

Published: 06:12, 05 May 2022
Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings 3 - Console Map
Crusader Kings 3 - Map

The architecture of the Iberian peninsula is one of layers upon layers of various conquerors. The Fate of Iberia Flavor Pack will portray this fact with new buildings.

For monuments and special buildings, there are some players might expect, such as the great mosque of Córdoba, the basilica of Santiago, the walls of Toledo, and some they might not. Developers say that they have begun exploring having natural wonders as province features, so players will also find the Rock of Gibraltar here, too.

While Iberia certainly has a rich history, it’s not as overcrowded in ruins of past splendor as, Mesopotamia or Rome for example, so while there are some Visigothic and Roman monuments here, devs focused on things built over the course of the Middle Ages. There are accordingly also a few players can build themselves after the game has started.

And, while on the top[ic of buildings, developers are adding artifacts tied to buildings as well,  among them the famed Bells of Santiago, or in 1066, their melted-down and reforged state as aquamaniles in the Muslim Court of Toledo.

Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings 3 - Event found in more administrative courts Crusader Kings 3 - Court

Historically, of course, they were turned into mosque lamps, but that would have been hard to represent well in the 3D courts, so devs say they went with aquamaniles instead.

Players will also be able to find armillary spheres, scallop shells from the pilgrim road to Santiago, chess boards, Visigothic votive crowns, and much more. If you have the Royal Court Expansion, of course, some will be impressive items that the Paradox art team devoted lots of attention to, to be proudly displayed in your court.

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