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For Honor's newest update brings training mode to the game

Published: 19:24, 19 April 2018
Updated: 20:29, 19 April 2018
Knights rushing enemies in For Honor
For Honor

Ubisoft's action fighting game For Honor is getting an update which will include a training area for players to go rampant with the game settings. More changes come with the update like hero balances and some quality of life additions.

The training mode update will be live by the end of the day, which is 19 April 2018. What it entails is players being able try their luck with any hero character in For Honor, even if they haven't unlocked them. They'll also be able to watch tutorial videos and have a go at the advanced training mode.

The training mode is an addition which many argue should have been in the game from the very start, even though Ubisoft claims the update is right on time. The reason why it wasn't added to the game sooner was because the team wanted to make a fun, accessible and deeper experience for new and veteran fans of For Honor.

Ubisoft Knights fighting each other in For Honor For Honor - Knights vs Knights

So, For Honor will have two modes, basic apprentice training, in which players will learn the bare essentials necessary to move and attack, while the advanced warrior training will be sort of a challenge area where more skilled players will earn rewards.

Plenty of bug fixes and game stats changes will come with For Honor's patch, such as reduced bonuses for equipment and balances to heroes' abilities. The patch notes for the game's latest update can be found .

In the training area, players will be able to enter the Arena, which lets them pick any hero from the roster and change their stats as well as other game settings. Move and attack skills and combos will be shown on the right side of the screen reminiscent of Bayonetta's loading screen layout.

Ubisoft A viking in For Honor For Honor - They aren't called viKINGs for no reason.

For Honor is an action fighting game set in a fantasy world where players have a choice between three factions -  Knights, Vikings and Samurai. Chiefly a multiplayer game, it can of course be played against AI as well.

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