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UbiSoft 'lowers' For Honor micro-price-tags in face of player boycott

Published: 08:32, 31 March 2017
Updated: 17:03, 02 April 2017
For Honor

For Honor players start organising boycott via reddit - UbiSoft reacts with shuffling around their premium currency system 4 days ahead of the planned blackout.

It appears Telxvi wasn't that far off when he UbiSoft's For Honor microtransaction items with Indian textile sweatshops product. 

After a lot of For Honor players started organising a game boycott via , scheduled for 3 April 2017, UbiSoft suddenly decided to alter its microtransaction pricing policy.

UbiSoft the following changes to its For Honor currency grind system:

  • All matches Steel income are increased by 25%
  • Daily Orders Steel income are increased by 33%
  • Side Orders Steel income are increased by 50%
  • Community Orders Steel rewards are increased from 500-1000 to 2000 Steel
  • Those changes can raise your daily first 2 hours income by as much as 45%.

Ubisoft Samurai hitting an NPC with the pommel of his katana. For Honor - Oh man, this grinding can pile up.

At the time of writing players are still trying to figure out whether the boycott should still take place.

I'm still absolutely certain that UbiSoft will be making a decent profit in spite of the changes. This is eerily reminiscent of some practices the fashion/textile industry pulls all the time. You have probably seen the SALE 80 PER CENT OFF - EVERYTHING MUST GO posters for shoes and other clothing items in general, plastered on storefronts. 

It's more or less common knowledge that clothing retail stores have insane markups on new wares, only approaching reasonable prices when a fashion season is drawing to a close. This essentially means that people are paying way too much for their clothing, if retailers can still make a profit while offering their stock with what appear to be ludacris price cuts.

So, Ubi is probably still making a decent ammount of moneyz in spite of an indirect 40-ish per cent price cut. That would pretty much confirm that they were just being greedy and hoping to get away with it, based on their original pricing. Devious, but still funny watching how the company will try to twist this into looking like "they are doing players a favour and being reasonable" etc.

For Honor For Honor

Only thing even more hilarious are some of the player remarks regarding the boycott.

Note that the changes will only affect you if you were planning to grind for the sweatshop items. UbiSoft wil still be getting full price from all actual purchases, despite the items having less value with the changes to Steel acquisition rates.

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