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For Honor is getting dedicated servers

Published: 10:01, 28 July 2017
For Honor

For Honor will receive dedicated server options in an upcoming update. The game is also set to expand with more character classes, gear and maps in the coming months. Now, all it still needs is a proper player base.

For Honor has been bleeding players each month since its release, and concurrent player numbers on PC are down to a little over a thousand daily users, according to at least. Things might look better on consoles, but there is no sure way to know.

UbiSoft Screenshot from For Honor showing a Centurion impaling his enemy on his Gladius. For Honor

UbiSoft aims to change that by adding dedicated server options to the game, which should address some of the connectivity and rage-quit issues that have been plaguing the game since its ultra hyped launch back in February 2017.

"And in the end, based on all the data we gathered we decided to do the move and to migrate to a dedicated server technology, for many, many different reasons. One of them, and the main reason for us, is that we want to improve the stability of the matches on 4v4, and we want to have an architecture that is more long-term", was the word from the game's director Damien Kieken in an official by UbiSoft. 

UbiSoft For Honor For Honor

For Honor will also receive some new characters, maps and weapons with its next two updates. The game's microtransaction scheme, particularly referring to its weapons and cosmetics, has been of some controversy in the past.

The new characters will be tested by select players themselves. According to the development team these lucky few will get the chance to try out the new additions on site, at the studio - NDA and all.


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