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Commander '85 hits Kickstarter with a humble goal

Published: 09:11, 13 April 2020
The Moonwalls
Commander '85
Commander '85

Polish indie developer studio, The Moonwalls, went to Kickstarter in order to get the funding for their upcoming thriller game, Commander '85 that is all about an AI and a possible nuclear solution to the Cold War in the '80s.

Kickstarter features plethora of interesting projects, which is not particularly surprising since that's the idea of the site, but some still stand out. One of them is Commander '85 by The Moonwalls which has a humble goal of reaching $5,733 for the funding.

Commander '85 will put players into the shoes of a Polish immigrant in Chicago during the 1980s. One of the interesting twists is that your character is a child that receives a seemingly ordinary birthday gift.

It turns out there is an advanced AI in the protagonist's computer, one that you can make friends with while having to endure all the snarky comments it throws at you. Then again, it can be funny to hear the barbs a machine throws at us mere flesh bags.

Sharp words are not the titular AI's only way to hurt humans though as it becomes apparent when government agents appear at the family's doorstep. As the trailer below depicts, the players will be on the verge of starting World War 3 and nuclear apocalypse during the game, probably having to tread carefully in order not to provoke the Commander's wrath.

According to the developers' description, different possibilities will stem from random elements in the game's plot, resulting in different playthroughs each time the players boot the game up.

Just like in the shows and movies that have been trending lately, with focus on a young person in the '80s, there will be a group of friends that go through the adventure with the protagonist.

They can also help but it seems like the player will run the danger of putting these friends into Commander's crosshairs.

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