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Cloud Imperium Games reveal Area 18 city in Star Citizen

Published: 11:04, 18 March 2019
Updated: 19:14, 18 March 2019
Cloud Imperium Games
Picture of Area 18 city in Star Citizen
Star Citizen - Area 18

Star Citizen update 3.5 is drawing closer and Cloud Imperium games are revealing more content on the way. Area 18 is a city that will be located on the planet ArcCorp and will have many features that remind of a cyberpunk setting.

Star Citizen's longtime backers will be familiar with Area 18 already as they had access to it as a separate area, but now it will finally be integrated into the world as a location on ArcCorp. CIG developers released a video talking about the place and offered a few glimpses of the neon-lit area that looks mesmerising for anyone who is into cyberpunk aesthetics.

The development team took great pride in their attention to detail as they designed each neon sign and attempted to make them both appealing to the eye and put a little bit of a joke behind them, like in the case of Gelbees that carries the message "savour the squish". While not that much of Area 18 was shown, CIG promised they would show more info and likely footage soon.

One interesting bit is that the developers mentioned the in-game world's holidays which hints CIG want to create some sort of traditions in Star Citizen, slapping a proper simulation feel onto it. Another effect of these holidays is probably that in-game events will be all over the place, although it Area 18 and Star Citizen itself are still in development so it's hard to gauge what CIG's future plans might hold.

Update 3.5 will bring joy to those who love customising their characters. A new female character will be made available along with additional facial customisation features. Those who don't care about appearances will not be left out as new weapons and ships have also been announced.

CIG Star Citizen 3.3.5
Star Citizen 3.3.5

Star Citizen is still a long way from release but backers keep getting access to new content as it gets added to the game. Meanwhile, Squadron 42 is due for beta testing in 2020 so more content or at least info should be dropping during 2019.

Star Citizen by Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Games

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Star Citizen

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