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CK 3 Royal Court teases new cultural traditions coming to the game

Published: 06:12, 23 December 2021
Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings 3 - Event found in more administrative courts
Crusader Kings 3 - Event found in more administrative courts

As the time of Developer Diaries passes us by, teasers are all we have left. This week's teaser showcases future cultural traditions, coming with the Royal court expansion.

In some cases cultural traditions are regional variants on more generically available one. Instead of the more widely available Martial Admiration tradition that we’ve shown previously the cultures that have a Frankish heritage will have access to the Chanson de Geste tradition. This both grants access to the Valets innovation when the Late Medieval era comes around and highlights the role of troubadours in the French region.

For those that have Flavor Pack 1 the Shield Maiden related content is now connected to a new cultural tradition called Performative Honor, which is available for cultures of the North Germanic Heritage.

Any culture that has the Roman culture somewhere in its ancestry can adopt the Republican Legacy tradition which is a special version of the more generally available Parochialism cultural tradition. This highlights the special Republican heritage in the italic sphere and will let you create a number of Republican vassals out of your counts who will become overseers, or Podestàs.

Paradox Interactive Looking weak, in court, is sometimes worse than being weak Not all cultures have a positive outlook on a show of weakness

Maritime Mercantilism is a tradition that makes coastal holdings more useful to a culture, as seen here in the lineup of Catalan Traditions.  Cultures with a Berber heritage and a presence in desert or dry lands will have access to the Desert Ribats tradition, which unlocks the Mulathamun Man at arms type among other things., as well.

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