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Civilization VI Red Death Season 2 - meet the new factions

Published: 16:46, 24 June 2020
Firaxis Games
Civilization VI - Red Death
Civilization VI - Red Death

Civilization VI's upcoming Red Death Season 2 will introduce a new mode, two new factions, some familiar narration and give each faction a unique ability.

Season 2 of Civilization VI's Red Death competitive PC multiplayer mode will add an observer mode, two new factions, narration from Sean Bean, and grant each faction in the game mode their own unique ability.

Red Death - Season 2 will join the world stage via the free June 2020 Game Update that will go live on Thursday, June 25 at 5:00 p.m. GMT.

Zombie Overlords

Drs Romero, West, and Matheson went ahead and hooked a gigantic Mutant brain up to an industrial-sized truck battery and put the entire contraption in some re-animation fluid. 

Not long after, the brain began to show the ability to remotely animate corpses to do its bidding and the team dutifully placed it on a giant mobile military vehicle and wheeled it out into the wasteland.

2K Games Civilization VI: Red Death Season 2 screenshot Civilization VI: Red Death Season 2

As it happens, the brain is now your problem, as the Zombie Overlords now replace units with Zombie Hordes. These units can’t heal normally and will take damage over time. Zombie Hordes instead will heal and gain additional Zombie units when an enemy unit is defeated or by exploring City Ruins, Raider Camps, and Supply Drops.


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an Area 51 UFO stuffed into the back of a truck.

The anatomically correct, certainly human federal agents have fully engaged their biotransformation devices and are not at all extraterrestrials looking for a way off of this rock.

The Aliens specialize in camouflage technology which allows them to turn invisible and ambush their enemies, or escape dangerous situations, They also have health regeneration that improves their survivability in any given skirmish.

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