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Civilization VI nerfing diplomacy, tweaking beliefs in Red Death Season 2

Published: 19:33, 20 June 2020
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Civilization VI: Red Death Season 2 screenshot
Civilization VI: Red Death Season 2

All good things come to an end, right? Well, that's likely to be the takeaway of Civilization VI fans who've been exploiting diplomacy quirks to win game, because Firaxis are onto them.

"You still have our respect - you just have to play fairly now", the devs explained while (rightfully) chuckling at the ways how some Civ VI generals ended up working the system. 

Civ VI: Gathering Storm players abused a few niggles in the game's diplomacy, like polluting heavily to get more aid requests and wiping out other civilisations to make that vote more, ahem...effective.

As a result, Firaxis will be clamping down on these play styles, starting with the introduction of increased favour penalty on excess pollution and a new favour penalty for Civ VI players who own foreign original capitals. 

Actual diplomats shouldn't be affected though, as the changes will be counterbalanced elsewhere. Diplomatic victory resolution will only remove 2 victory points, rather than 3. 

Furthermore, the points will be calculated at the start of the turn, which should take care of the surprise victories that would've rightfully ended in defeat at the World Congress a few seconds later.

Civilization VI is getting a bunch of UI changes, resizeable diplomacy windows, Civilopedia changes and more. Firaxis tweaked many of the religious beliefs, and will be introducing new ones as well. For instance, Warrior Monks will allow Holy Sites to culture-bomb adjacent tiles when they finish construction. 

Civilization VI's new religious belief Sacred Places will reward faithful cities that have world wonders with extra science, culture, faith and gold. 

Firaxis promised something special for each Civ VI community update and this time around, it's the PC players who are getting some love. Two new factions are joining the roster - zombies and aliens, each of them with their own mechanics.

In fact, each faction will also get special abilities in Red Death Season 2, and to top it all off - Sean Bean is back. 

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm preview game play

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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

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