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Civilization VI getting Zombie Defense mode and Portugal in March

Published: 08:35, 16 March 2021
Firaxis Games
Civ VI, Portuguese Torre de Belem
Civ VI, March Frontier Pass DLC, Portugal's world wonder

Firaxis announced that one of the most-requested civilisations in Civilization VI, which is famous for its naval empire, powerful port cities and Christiano Ronaldo.

Granted, the addition of Portugal doesn't mean you get to play Ronaldo, although I must say it'd be hilarious to see him as a unit. Maybe he could dribble to victory?

Jokes aside, Firaxis will be saving the details on Portugal's mechanics for the first-look video, which should follow soon, but history buffs know that the nation has built one of the biggest empires the world has ever seen thanks to their seafaring skills. 

While we don't know the exact specs, you can bet that Civilization VI's Portugal will come with quick and powerful naval units, and added boons for trade. 

Additionally, Firaxis used them as inspiration for one of the two World Wonders, the second hailing from another previously released civ - Babylon. 

"Historically, the imposing Torre de Belem served as a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon. In Civilization VI, it grants additional gold a Great Admiral points. It also provides bonus gold for every luxury source at a destination of international trade routes, and when constructed, gives any city you own on another continent a free building", the dev said. 

The second Wonder, Etemenanki, grants extra science and production to all marsh and floodplain tiles in your empire, on which it must be built.

Civilization VI is also getting a zombilicious mode called Zombie Defense, where every unit killed in combat can respawn as a zombie and chase down their former enemies or brothers in arms. 

Thankfully, players get some valuable tools to combat the zombie onslaught, like various traps and barricades, as well as some zombie-spying operations. 

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