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Civilization VI Winter Update and New DLC

Published: 11:58, 21 December 2016
Updated: 15:06, 09 February 2017
Civilization VI - Poland

Civilizaiton VI gets fixes and updates, two DLC-s deployed, Poland enters the arena

Civilization VI just got a sweet new , fixing and updating numerous minor bugs, and adding new UI features and options for unit automation. Additionally, two new -s are now available for download, the Viking Scenario Pack and the Poland Civilization and Scenario Pack. 

The newly added Polish mechanics, bring back the culture bomb, and the new civilization has the Winged Hussar as a unique unit. Hussars are a cavalry unit with offensive play in mind. The Viking DLC comes with six new city states to play around with, new natural wonders, and just like the Poland pack, a new scenario.

Civilization VI - WInged Hussars Civilization VI - WInged Hussars

Civilization VI - Angry Vikings Civilization VI - Angry Vikings

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