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New Apex Legends update adds Valentine's Day cosmetics

Published: 20:41, 13 February 2019
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Valentine's Day hits Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment have released patch notes for their latest Apex Legends update. To celebrate Valentine's Day, the developers added two new limited-time cosmetics to store. Additionally, the update brings a couple of bug fixes.

The new update for Apex Legends is now live on all platforms and it brings a couple of minor changes to the game. It also includes new cosmetic items to set you in proper Valentine's Day mood.

Starting today, two new love-themed cosmetic items will be available in the store. The first one is an Epic skin for Longbow DMR dubbed Through the Heart while the second one is a banner frame for Pathfinder called Love of the Game.

Additionally, the developer introduced a new Valentine's Day challenge. Those who revive their squad mates at least once from today until 19 February 2019 will receive an exclusive Live Die Love banner badge.

The patch also brings stability and performance improvements and a couple of bug fixes. According to the patch notes, Respawn addressed multiple crashing issues which occurred on PC with slow hard drives. An exploit where you could keep duplicating items in your inventory has also been fixed.

On top of that, the devs addressed a number of client and server stability issues. Also, the issue where your friends list showed all your friends as offline and unable to party has been addressed, while Respawn also reduced the duration of Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather clones to remain in the world by 1 second.

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Players who used to fall through and got stuck on some areas on the map should now see improvements as Respawn fixed a number of bugs related to that particular issue.

Finally, Arc Star will now display a grenade warning indicator which wasn't the case before the update.

If you play Apex Legends on PlayStation 4 and you are experiencing constant crashes, check our troubleshooting for crash error which is a pretty common sight for some of our staff.

Also, if Respawn's new patch doesn't help with PC crashes, you can check a fix for crashes without the error code  .

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