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Can't create a character in New World? Here is why

Published: 12:42, 04 October 2021
New World - New character
New World - New character

Amazon announced newest measures to combat long queues in New World will involve limited character creation but also how to avoid them.

New World launched to huge popularity as the game attracted enough players to propel it to the top of the Steam charts and then broke that record not a week later. The new peak for concurrent players on Steam stands at 913,634 and as you can already guess, it puts a bit of pressure on the servers.

Queues grew despite the numerous new servers Amazon added to New World and while the devs are still working on adding more space to accommodate all the players, they had to take additional measures to reduce queues in the most populated worlds.

As such, they disabled character creation in full servers so they can't get even more overcrowded. If you are trying to create a new character and it's not working out for you, this is the reason.

In order to see which servers are full and which servers allow character creation, you can go to the New World server status page that will show all info you need before delving into the game.

There are four icons next to server names that explain the local situation:

  • Green checkmark means the server is up and running fine
  • Blue gauge icon means the server is at capacity and you can't create characters there
  • Red X means the server is down
  • Yellow wrench means the server is under maintenance

Overall, creating characters on less populated servers will benefit everyone. If you're in low-pop, you will have smaller queues at peak times, chances of other players harvesting resources nodes before you are lower and meeting fewer other players means less strain for your hardware.

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