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New World introduces a bunch of new worlds for EU

Published: 20:39, 30 September 2021
Amazon Games
New World
New World - Congratulations, now you will be killing this mob for half an hour

Amazon is throwing a pile of new servers into New World and this resulted in all regions getting a lot more room to play for all the players writing waiting in the queue.

New World attracted a huge crowd of MMO fans all over the world and it seems like the developers were caught by surprise with all the players wanting to go in at the same time. As a result, queues of thousands of unhappy players formed at the launch day but the devs wouldn't let themselves stand without doing anything for long.

Amazon started adding new servers almost immediately, which is why EU region got 45 new worlds across 13 world sets. That's from the last batch only, which happened around 8:00 PM CEST on September 30, 2021. Remember we said new servers were popping up like mushrooms after rain for days now?

New additions began almost immediately after launch but the big ones started happening on September 29 when NA East got 43 more worlds to accommodate the players, followed by 21 in Australia and 27 in EU Central. Out of those 27, two were dedicated to French-speaking players, four for German and two for Spanish. 

EU Central seems to be the most active region, or at least the one with the worst player estimation from Amazon, as 24 more worlds were added in the same day, which were then followed by seven more.

Amazon game Studios Priests can wear heavy armor, right? Priests can wear heavy armor, right?

If you are curious about the names of these new worlds in order to create a character on fresh servers with lower queues, you can check the official thread that constantly updates with the new server names.

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