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Call of Duty Mobile supports controllers, keyboard and mouse inputs

Published: 16:43, 30 September 2019
Ghost and another operator on Call of Duty Mobile promo image
Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is, as the name suggests, coming to iOS and Android devices where it will support controller input, instead of just touch screens. Furthermore, it will be playable on PC and support keyboard+mouse input.

Select regions worldwide have access to Call of Duty Mobile, ahead of the global launch on 1 October 2019. It is there that controller support was spotted after the latest update, which is another one in line of features in the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile. Apparently, the supported controllers will include the hardware compatible with Android and iOS, such as Dual Shock.

Addition of is sure to make the game more enjoyable for select players but who would prefer using the touch screen controls will likely find themselves at a disadvantage. Call of Duty Modern Warfare will use matchmaking based on input method so it is possible this will be the case with Mobile as well.

However, there are even more input woes for Activision on the horizon as controllers are not the top of the food chain for CoD: Mobile. The game will apparently feature some sort of unofficial crossplay since PC players will be able to run it by using GameLoop emulator. This means there will be people with , which allows the most precise aiming to date.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare promo image featuring Captain Price Call of Duty: Modern Warfare matches players based on control input

Keep in mind this is not sanctioned by Activision so playing the game this way could potentially result in negative consequences. Still, those who do risk it will be able to play the game using keyboard and mouse which will offer them huge advantage due to superior input method.

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