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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gameplay leaks ahead of the official reveal

Published: 07:21, 26 August 2020
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War artwork showing photos and double agent soldier
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War artwork

Two short clips of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gameplay have appeared online ahead of the official reveal, which is coming today. The clips reveal big desert map, similar to the Sinai Desert in Battlefield 1.

After a long wait, Activision will finally reveal the next Call of Duty game today. Named Black Ops Cold War, the new game has been subject of many leaks and rumours over the last couple of weeks. Today is no different as we have another juicy leak, showing some gameplay on interesting new maps.

As you ca see in the videos below, Black Ops Cold War is set to feature a large open desert map, which reminds us of the Sinai Desert map in Battlefield 1 but on a much smaller scale. The clip also shows some shooting but sadly, it ends pretty quickly and the quality of it is very poor so it's hard to say whether the game looks good or not.

And while some may say that this gameplay footage could be fake since it's such a low-quality video, reliable leakers and COD insiders have confirmed that Black Ops Cold War will indeed feature a large desert map.

MW2 OG, a known COD leaker revealed that the map he got to see was a very vibrant canyon map with a lot of high up places and lines of sight. This suggests that the map could be bigger than regular Call of Duty map, which is a trend that Infinity Ward started with Modern Warfare.  

All in all, we cannot wait to see some gameplay in proper 4K resolution as well as some multiplayer footage. For more Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War leaks, check out info about Zombies mode and release date.

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