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Burnout Paradise Remastered gets a price reduction less than a month after release

Published: 11:11, 01 April 2018
Criterion Software
Concept art cars racing on promo image for Burnout Paradise Remastered.
Burnout Paradise Remastered

EA and Criterion Games haven't reduced the price for Burnout Paradise Remastered yet but some retailers and amazon offer the game at 25 per cent lower price.This is good news to anyone who hasn't bought it yet,but could be bad for the game.

So, Criterion Games released Burnout Paradise Remastered on 16 March 2018 at the price of £34,99 or $39,99 USD and three days later the game , which was a feat no other Burnout game pulled in over a decade. That sounded like a dream start for the remaster but we also guessed this ''success'' could be due to a slow week, where GTA V was #4 on the list, even after a 44 per cent drop in sales.

That guess now sounds like reality, as the game's price dropped by 25 per cent just two weeks after the release. Its price tag is now ~£25 or $29,99 on  . Burnout Paradise Remastered is still keeping the regular price on Xbox and PlayStation stores. With Easter just around the corner, this could be just a temporary, holiday themed 25 per cent discount but it is not clearly stated.

EA A car driving on a highway approaching suburbs EA: Burnout Paradise

If the price drop persists, it could force EA and Criterion to prematurely reduce the official asking price as well. Two weeks after the release, the game is still in the higher part of the UK sales charts, as it is #6 at the time of writing, one spot above GTA V. While #6 is not the best place to be, many consider it an unwritten rule that anything with higher chart rank than GTA V is selling well.

Meanwhile, there is a leaderboards that is plaguing the game, as people are scoring ridiculous event in their vans, that simply cannot be matched by cars that are way faster. There are already accusations flying left and right that people are abusing it, but as seen in the second linked example, sometimes it's not glitch abuse, but rather people accidentally stumbling upon it.

Criterion Software An old timer car is doing a wheelie in Burnout Paradise Remastered. Burnout Paradise Remastered

There are some nostalgic players already calling for a Burnout 3 remaster, but how long can the nostalgia card keep selling the games? 

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