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XCOM creator Julian Gollop shows off 17 minutes of Phoenix Point footage

Published: 11:44, 20 February 2018
Snapshot Games
Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point is the upcoming strategy game with turn based combat that is very reminiscent of XCOM, probably because Julian Gollop is the mind behind both of those games. It's back to fighting aliens, this time with a crab fetish and we have 17 minutes of new gameplay.

Phoenix Point is intended to be XCOM's spiritual successor, developed by Snapshot Games. The company's founder and lead designer is Julian Gollop who is looking to provide a fresh new turn based battle against alien invasions.

The game has been in development for about two years but the last gameplay footage we saw was back in June 2017 and it wasn't as polished as the most recent one. Granted, the game is still in pre-alpha and the footage shown lacks some animation polish. The giant spider monster killing a lowly grunt wasn't nearly as intricate as a Berserker bashing an XCOM operative's face in.

Snapshot Games Phoenix Point - New Jericho Phoenix Point - New Jericho

It was shown in both the June video and the new one that the game will also feature deeper combat mechanics that will let you target enemy's individual body parts, and in turn will let them target your squad's body parts. For example damaging the enemy's torso can cause them to bleed, or had the spider boss encounter been more successful, Julian could disable its pincers in order to prevent melee attacks.

This new video courtesy of shows how the combat is still an intense experience and it can look like your operation flow is as smooth as silk one moment, only for your team to get wiped in the next two turns.

Snapshot Games Phoenix Point - The Disciples of Anu Phoenix Point - The Disciples of Anu

There are traces of genre staple combat mechancis as well, such as high and low cover and the ever so popular Overwatch mechanic. Abilities seem to use a Willpower resource now, instead of AP or straight up being free to use.

Phoenix Point's art style looks like a mix of XCOM and the crab invaded lands look a lot like zerg infested scenery from Starcraft series. The game should be out later this year on PC.

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