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BPM: Bullets Per Minute - rhythm FPS game goes live on Steam today

Published: 13:00, 15 September 2020
Updated: 09:45, 15 September 2020
AWE Interactive
BPM: Bullets Per Minute cover art
BPM: Bullets Per Minute

AWE Interactive's rhythm game BPM: Bullets Per Minute will go live on Steam today, September 15. The dungeon crawler will feature 5 different character types and a slew of weapons.

Soundcheck one, two. 

AWE Interactive's rhythm game BPM: Bullets Per Minute is ready to take centre stage on PC today.

The game NME describes as a "hell of a good time", BPM: Bullets Per Minute combines the kind of gameplay you’d find in a dungeon-based shooter with a world where every action - every shot, every jump, and every dodge - is pulled off to the beat of an epic rock soundtrack.

BPM: Bullets Per Minute's randomly generated dungeons are crawling with outrageous monsters and it's up to the player to step into the shoes of the powerful Valkyrie. The player's goal will be to take out every boss and do so to the beat.

BPM will throw a diverse array of enemies at you, each with unique rhythmic behaviours.

AWE Interactive's game will offer up 5 different characters with unique strengths and weaknesses. The arsenal of weapons in BPM: Bullets Per Minute boasts a bunch of different boss-enders, all with a different style of firing and reloading to the beat of the soundtrack.

Players who achieve the overpowered state will be able to soar through the air, blasting their enemies with shotgun rockets.

Character abilities range from teleport to freezing bolts and there are over 40 equippable items that buff your character in different ways. Have we, by chance, mentioned the epic rock opera soundtrack?

BPM: Bullets Per Minute will launch on Steam for PC today, with console versions following later.

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