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Borderlands 3 tweaks legendaries, buffs Iron Bear, Digi-Clone, pets

Published: 13:51, 18 October 2019
Borderlands 3, Promethea

Another week, another update, as Gearbox continues to fine-tune Borderlands 3. The latest round of updates and hotfixes was aimed at rebalancing of legendary gear, and buffing of Moze's Iron Bear, Zane's Digi-Clone and FL4K's pets.

"After looking through the data, we found that some pieces of Legendary gear were greatly outperforming others and felt they were limiting builds instead of increasing them. In addition, some of the damage output of Legendary gear limited the growth in combat engagements for the future so we tuned everything to an acceptable median", Gearbox wrote. 

For instance, they found that Flakkers greatly outperformed shotguns and that the generous spread didn't really decrease its efficiency as much as they hoped. Lyuda's splitting of a projectile into 3 left 4 projectiles as a result, as the original one was never removed. You can see the rest of the weapons changes below. 

As for Borderlands 3's Vault Hunter bunch, Gearbox implemented the following:

  • Iron Bear: health increased by 50%
  • All pets' health increased by 50%
  • Digi-Clone: health increased by 100%
  • Addressed a bug with Salvation where grenades were giving life-steal

Gearbox said that the current state of Iron Bear, Digi-Clone and FL4K's pets "made players focus on other elements besides those Vault Hunter’s fundamental action skills in the late game".

Gearbox Software Someone shooting a dude in Borderlands 3 Borderlands 3


  • damage increased by 25%
  • ASMD damage increased by 28%
  • damage reduced by 25%


  • Ten Gallon damage increased by 8%


  • Sickle reload speed increased by 25%
  • Faisordamage increased by 15%
  • Infiniti damage increased by 40%
  • Magnificent damage increased by 25%
  • Jericho damage increased by 40%
  • Lucian's Call accuracy and handling reduced
  • Lyuda Critical Damage Bonus decreased by 30% and made a modification to address a reported bug that an extra bullet was spawned in the  


  • Try-Bolt damage increased by 25%
  • Alchemist damage increased by 25%
  • Devils Foursumdamage increased by 13%
  • now consumes the full magazine when fired and is reduced by 33%


  • Maggie damage increased by 35%
  • damage reduced by 8%


  •  Conference Call damage increased by 15%
  • Crossroad accuracy reduced and it now fires 3 projectiles instead of 4
  • Butcher accuracy reduced and damage reduced by 25%


  • Vanquisher damage increased by 20%

Children of the Vault

  • Skeksis damage increased by 15%

  • Linoge damage increased by 20%
  • Pain is Power damage increased by 25%


  • Ruby's Wrath damage increased by 10%

Gearbox Borderlands 3, Promethea
Borderlands 3, Promethea

You can find the full patch notes on .

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