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Borderlands 3 gets hotfix and scaled Maliwan Blacksite difficulty heads-up

Published: 21:26, 09 January 2020
Two Hyperion enemies in Borderlands 3: Moxxi's Heist of The Handsome Jackpot
Old Hyperion foes return. You should probably shoot them.

It's been some time since Borderlands 3 players started complaining that the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite is too darn difficult, and in their post from today, Gearbox said they're linining up a scaled version for 16 January 2020.

"Thank you everyone for your patience as we work on the scaled Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite event. We were unable to bring it to you during New Years, but we are looking to start the event next week", they wrote. 

So, Borderlands 3 players can look forward to an easier Takedown from 16 to 30 January 2020, which should help those reluctant to party up to handle Maliwan Blacksite easier. 

Note that when midnight strikes on 30 January, the event will be back to its normal difficulty. In other words, make use of it while it lasts - you'll never have it so easy. 

As for the Borderlands 3 hotfix, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are all affected, and it goes live at 3pm PST / 10pm GMT. The hotfix fixes the following:

  • Addressed a reported concern that FL4K’s Furious Attack was sometimes not applying bonuses to pet damage as expected    
  • Addressed a reported concern that Rakkcelerate was sometimes not applying the cooldown modifier as stated on the skill’s description    
  • Addressed a reported concern that Cheap Tip’s total weapon shield capacity was sometimes not appearing in the tooltip on the item card    
  • Addressed a reported concern that The Arbalest of Discipline was sometimes spawning with just shields

Gearbox Handsome Jack as a hologram in Borderlands 3: Moxxi's Heist of The Handsome Jackpot. Nothing beats a hologram of an evil and very dead maniac.

Gearbox also said that they discovered an issue where Anointed Enforcer's immunity abilities caused them to be more difficult than the dev intended. As a result, they temporarily dropped the health on Anointed Enforcer until further notice. 

You can find the post .

Borderlands 3's new planet Promethea, by Gearbox Software

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Borderlands 3, Promethea
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