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Blizzard respond to Diablo Immortal explosive backlash

Published: 11:01, 05 November 2018
Updated: 14:35, 05 November 2018
picture showing a demon with diablo immortal title
Diablo Immortal

Following Blizzard's announcement that the next entry to the Diablo series will be for mobile, fans of the venerable franchise exploded with less than stellar feedback. The backlash was expected, but not its magnitude, Blizzard respond.

Blizzard have been swimming in some shark infested waters over the last few days, with the reveal of the brand new Diablo game, Diablo: Immortal receiving some serious backlash and thousands of comments from angry fans who described the mobile-exclusive title as saliva to the face of all loyal Diablo fans out there.

Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham has admitted that the company expected a negative response but certainly not "to this degree." Blizzard have been working with a Chinese company NetEase, a development team with an impressive mobile MMO games portfolio and fans have pointed out that Diablo: Immortal is just a reskin of NetEase's Crusaders of Light title.

Adham has responded, saying that even some of the assets and art look like they've been used in Diablo 3, were made straight up for Diablo: Immortal. “I want to assure you that Diablo Immortal is purpose-built from the ground up,” he said. He explained that similarities between the NetEase's previous works and new Diablo title are due to the control system which has been widely common in the east. “In the East, that control method is becoming ubiquitous, and it’s becoming ubiquitous because it’s very natural, and it feels great," Adham spun.

Blizzard Picture of the Barbarian from the Diablo Immortal trailer Diablo Immortal

In addition to this, Adham encouraged the fans saying that it's just one of the new upcoming Diablo titles. Fans probably expected more info on the in-development Diablo 4 but were let down with zero information about the project.

Back on E3, Blizzard have announced multiple Diablo games are in the works and given that the only title revealed on Blizzcon is a mobile game, it was just one of the reasons for the explosion of outrage on Reddit, Youtube and a host of social media networks. 

Diablo: Immortal is set to be released on Android and iOS but the official release date is yet to be confirmed.

Diablo Immortal, a mobile game by NetEase and Blizzard

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Diablo Immortal

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