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Diablo's creator says Blizzard puts profits first, people second

Published: 12:57, 19 November 2018
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The fiasco that is Diablo Immortal is truly a gift that keeps on giving and the fans have now dug up an inebriated anti-Blizzard rant by Diablo's creator David Brevik, who suggested that Blizzard are putting profits first and people second.

To be fair though, the rant predates BlizzCon and has nothing to do with Diablo Immortal's reveal, but it does give a good insight into what Brevik thinks of his former employer. In case you don't recall, the two fell out in 2003, when Brevik along with a few other high ranking Blizzard employees left the company. 

Speaking in his spouse's Path of Exile Twitch stream, Brevik suggested that Activision Blizzard's executives are looking at Epic's money making machine Fortnite, comparing it to Overwatch in the process. "Overwatch isn't Fortnite. Why have you wronged us? Okay, we're going to get rid of the profit-sharing programme [...] You don't like this Mike Morhaime? Well, too fucking bad, you're gone", he added.

Now, the scenario is purely hypothetical, which Brevik himself admitted to in the stream. "We don’t know if any of this is the case. However, you can easily imagine this", he said. He went on saying that Blizzard has no incentives to raise salaries of their employees, especially since 90 per cent of them treat working there as a privilege.

Brevik suggested that the same percentage of Blizzard's employees will gladly take less money on the account of working at such a prestigious company. He inquired, however, whether "the people know that the people in charge of the latest World of Warcraft expansion are not the same people that were in charge during the launch of WoW, Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3".

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In his defence, Brevik acknowledged that some of his words clearly show he's had a bit too much to drink, but fans are pretty certain that he spilt his guts in the most honest way possible. After all, not even that hypothetical scenario sounds that hypothetical after looking at Diablo Immortal.

You can find Brevik's Twitch appearance .

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