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Diablo: Immortal becomes most disliked YouTube game vid of 2018

Published: 16:03, 13 November 2018
Diablo Immortal

It seems that there's no end to bad news for Blizzard these days as it turns out that their announcement trailer for Diablo: Immortal achieved the notorious status of the most disliked game trailer of 2018, thanks to some disgruntled fans.

It gets worse for Blizzard, because the ratio of 23 thousand likes and 606 thousand dislikes is yet another record - the kind you don't really want associated with your products. Namely, Diablo: Immortal sports the third highest YouTube dislike percentage, with the trailer clocking in at 96.3 per cent dislike-like ratio.

Even though we're sure Blizzard weren't aiming for Diablo: Immortal to be gaining fame by notoriety, it seems like it's a shoo-in to end the year 2018 as a comfortable winner. Apparently, it's in illustrious company too, although we can't really say we're familiar with any of it. 

The company isn't doing great outside of comedy circles either, as the whole Diablo: Immortal fiasco seems to have torn off a good chunk of finances from the company. Activision Blizzard's stock has dropped to its lowest point in , although it's only fair to mention that Bungie and Activision's exquisite work on Destiny 2 contributed to the figures as well.

Nevertheless, Blizzard are holding strong, neither listening to their fans nor , even though the latter's advice was as sound as it gets - roll out a trailer for a proper Diablo and hope for the best. Teasing a Diablo announcement, only to come out with a game that nobody in the crowd wanted warrants that much, at least.

Instead of that, Blizzard seem to be doubling down, with the Diablo: Immortal's executive producer Executive producer Allen Adham announcing a across all of Blizzard's IPs.

Blizzard picture showing demon from Diablo Immortal with smartphone mockup Diablo Immortal

Even though the company claims otherwise, Diablo fans insist that Diablo: Immortal reuses many Diablo 3 assets and is nothing but a reskin of NetEase's mobile game Crusaders of Light. Ultimately, we'd agree with Diablo 2 producer Mark Kern who said that it's not a matter of what Blizzard did - it's a matter of how they went about it.

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Diablo Immortal, a mobile game by NetEase and Blizzard

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Diablo Immortal

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