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Blackwing Lair raid is now available in WoW Classic

Published: 13:36, 13 February 2020
Updated: 13:37, 13 February 2020
World of Warcraft - Nefarian
World of Warcraft - Nefarian

World of Warcraft Classic players can now stick it to the Black Dragonflight as they invade Nefarian's home. While it's mostly the veterans who are playing Classic, it may be worth your while to brush up on the tactics for each of the bosses.

Blackwing Lair is available for those who gather 40 people with level 60 together but getting there may be tricky if you didn't complete your . If you did, it's as simple as using the Orb of Command which is basically a shortcut to get to the raid entrance.

Another way to get there is through Blackrock Spire and Rend Blackhand. The third, and possibly the most used way of getting to Blackwing Lair is to have an attuned Warlock who then summons the whole bunch to the entrance.

Players will face various dragonflights as they are making way to Nefarian but it's the good ol' Black Dragonflight who are the big baddies here. Razorgore, the first boss, is possibly the most annoying on the bunch as players will have to juggle between dealing with adds, controlling Razorgore into destroying eggs and eventually killing him.

There are some sweet rewards for the lucky few, however, as players will be able to loot the likes of and . Keep in mind these weapons are inevitably going to lead to fights between Hunters, Paladins and Warriors but is going to be the biggest culprit due to having Agility in base stats and proc that increases Strength by 300.

Head of Nefarian is also going to be one of the more contested items as it will provide access to great items for a variety of classes through the subsequent quest.

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