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Black Squad free weapon pack 4 announced by NS Studios and Neowiz

Published: 07:59, 21 June 2018
NS Games
A player is sniping people off from the top of a building in Black Squad
Black Squad

NS Games and Neowiz have announced the latest free DLC for Black Squad, the EA Free Weapon Package 4. This pack will let players try out eight weapons, but for a limited time of 15 days, as per usual. It's also limited to one free DLC.

Black Squad's rather rich arsenal can be overwhelming for new players when choosing what gun to unlock first, so one of the four free lease DLC packs can sure come in handy. The package #4 brings eight weapons across all classes - submachineguns, shotguns, assault rifles, you name it.

Weapons included in the are P90, ACR GL, M4 Custom GL, HNK416 GL, S15 GL, SIZ556XI RUS GL, HNK 121 and AXMC. It is worth noting that the DLC weapon pack will last only 15 days, so it's more of a trial rather than a permanent addition and it can be downloaded only once per account. On the other hand, players can download the previous three DLCs of the same nature in any order, at any given time, which essentially gives players up to two months of free weapons.

The and weapon packs offer the most diversity, with nine boomsticks in each pack, while the weapon falls somewhat short with seven guns included. Then again, it has the fancy weapons such as the SIG MPX and DSR-1 so the dev obviously went for some quality over quantity there.

Meanwhile, Steam's Summer Sale is about to kick in but Black Squad beat Gaben to it, with their own on weapons. It starts with the patch deployment and will offer a 50 per cent discount on any existing items in the shop. There are also 20 new items that will be added with the patch, ranging from skins, over weapons to cards and keys.

NS Games Players have pushed another player from the top of a building in Black Squad Black Squad

These new items will also be on sale, but it a vastly smaller rate of 10 per cent. The update also buffed AEK973's damage by one on each body hit, and optimised several maps in order to shorten the loading time.

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