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Black Desert Mobile is getting Boss Rush mode & PvP ranks

Published: 19:23, 07 April 2020
Updated: 19:24, 07 April 2020
Pearl Abyss
Black Desert Mobile
Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss are adding new features to the game, some of which are by popular demand, others simply new content. Competitive players will be glad to find the ranking system while PvE enthusiasts can look forward to Boss Rush Mode.

Black Desert Online's PvP arena now has a ranking system so the players can finally fight to be the best and see it on proverbial paper. There will be the initial 10 matches first though. It is currently not officially confirmed but it's highly likely these are the placement matches which may adjust matchmaking rating more heavily than the regular ones.

Upon each season, the ranks will be refreshed and everyone will need to build their ranks from the scratch but those who place highly in each season can look forward to "special bonuses" upon each season's finish.

The PvE community gets Boss Rush mode to enjoy. Some of the "biggest and baddest" Black Desert bosses will be there for the players to slay once again. Killing them will yield loot as per usual but keep in mind that these bosses will have different attack patterns and phases compared to their normal selves.

Meanwhile, Termian Village is becoming available for everyone for two weeks, starting on 7 April 2020. It is filled with quests that offer unique rewards such as the Termian Outfit. Besides the quests that have the unique loot, there are mini-games such as shaved ice, catching unique fish and finding bottled maps that lead to a treasure.

Pearl Abyss Black Desert Mobile Black Desert Mobile

Overall, it seems like everyone will have something to do in Black Desert Mobile in the near future as Pearl Abyss released content for the fans of PvP, PvE and those in between.

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