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Black Desert Mobile gets Field of Valor and Shakatu's shop for a while

Published: 17:28, 04 February 2020
Pearl Abyss
Black Desert Online - the Guardian art
Black Desert Online - the Guardian

Pearl Abyss announced that the new activity, Field of Valor, will be available for a week in case players feel like going up against hordes of enemies with a team of their own. Meanwhille, they will have another opportunity to get quality gear via Shakatu's shop.

Field of Valor is a new activity in Black Desert Mobile. While Pearl Abyss didn't go into detail with the intricacies of the mode, they did mention that it will emphasise steaming up. First and foremost, the 30-minute-long activity will see players teaming up with either friends or guild members but they will not need to fight over the drops.

The promised weapon, armour, gold coins, Dark Energy and mounds of silver will be distributed to the team members automatically so the teammates won't have to worry about who will land the last blow on an enemy.

While Field of Valor sounds interesting on its own, it is not the only hot release for the week. Shakatu's Shop will be around for the same duration and players will be able to spend their ancient gold coins in order to get some of the best gear around.

Normally, the items from Shakatu's Shop are levelled randomly but starting on 4 February 2020, the chances of acquiring higher grade gear will be greatly increased, according to Pearl Abyss.

Shakatu's Shop and Field of Valor will disappear after one week but one interesting notion is that the increased chance of getting better gear from the shop will not stop at the same time.

Pearl Abyss Black Desert Mobile banner Black Desert Mobile

It will apparently be around until the next update, meaning that it's possible Shakatu's Shop will return before the bonus expires. In case you are grinding for some better stats, it may be worth keeping an eye on, even if the developers didn't explicitly confirm this would be the case.

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