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Bioware reveals Anthem's detailed character customisation

Published: 12:35, 19 November 2018
picture showing character customisation screen in Anthem
Character customisation in Anthem

Bioware have hosted a live stream in which they focused on showing off the depth of character customisation in Anthem. Anthem's Javelin suits will be fully customisable and players will be able to paint each armour part individually.

Bioware is looking to get back on track with their upcoming online multiplayer RPG Anthem. In the 45 minutes live stream, the developers have shown off the depth of character customisation that will allow the players to create unique looking Javelins.

Every part of armour will be individually paintable and players will also get to choose shades, texture and material of armour parts as well as add stickers and decals. Players can also set a wear state, making their Javelin look rugged, weary, dirty or clean.

For all creative people out there, colour selection will have six layers system, with primary, secondary and tertiary hard and soft paints. In other online games such as Destiny 2, players get to choose only one colour for each individual parts of armour. Anthem's colouring depth looks to deliver more than that but let's wait for a release before we declare a winner here.

Javelin customisation was explained by lead producer Ben Irving who was joined by character director Francis Lacuna and associate producer Leah Shinkewski. They said that not all options shown in the live stream will be available at launch and were very specific about it. Some options will be there but others will be unlockable through the progression system. Sounds reasonable as long as they don't lock stuff behind microtransactions or tedious grind.

EA Four Javelins, exosuits from Anthem, hovering in the air Anthem

Several armour models have also been shown in the video, it looks like every armour part will have models to choose from. The developers didn't show models for all parts, but we assume models will be part of armour sets and we counted seven of them in the video. It remains to be seen if more sets will be available through microtransactions.

We get to play with all these colours and armour customisations on 22, February 2018 when Anthem is out for PC, Xbox One and Play Station 4. 

Anthem, action RPG shooter by BioWare and Electronic Arts

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