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BioWare increase Anthem's loot and difficulty after closed alpha

Published: 11:40, 06 November 2018
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Anthem - "Fight back guardian, control the zones!"

Anthem has had its first closed alpha testing and although there's still plenty of time left before the game is out, BioWare are already making changes, such as increasing the frequency of loot drops and introducing more enemies sooner.

Ben Irving, the lead producer on Anthem, said that the closed alpha "was an internal technical test to run water through [their] metaphorical pipes and assess the game in a live environment." It only featured the first three missions and capped players at level five but apparently, the team learned a lot from player feedback. 

When it comes to loot, Anthem's closed alpha testers found it to be infrequent enough and although BioWare already did a fix pass, they announced more testing sessions that focus on loot. Many also found the loot hard to make out when it does drop, prompting the team to announce visual tweaks as well. 

Irving once again reminded players that all Anthem's loot is personal, meaning that all players get their own stash of it. Nevertheless, he said that BioWare will still "make tweaks to ensure that’s clear." All the obtained loot can be accessed upon their return to Fort Tarsis.

As for the game's difficulty, Anthem's developer was aiming for easing of players into the hostile landscape that envelops Fort Tarsis, which didn't seem to sit well with the players who wanted more. As a result, BioWare "will be updating the game to introduce different creatures earlier and use more of them."

Irving reminded that although fully fleshed out, Anthem's progression systems weren't as clear to everyone because tutorials weren't done in time for testing. The team will be amending that in due time and will seek feedback once they're in place.

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Anthem's closed alpha also suffered from some multiplayer niggles, mostly related to difficulties of finding teammates, which BioWare plan to address with future user interface iterations. As the last listed change, Irving said that the team are coming up with "a way to help players who get stuck in the world".

You can find Irving's Reddit post .

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