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Bioware hiring designers to fix Anthem's loot and balance

Published: 09:00, 18 April 2019
Bazaar in Anthem
Anthem - The opening scene of the trailer goes from a desert situated bazaar into a deep forest.

If you're an Anthem player, the news of Bioware staffing up on systems designers is probably among the most positive news you'll hear these days, as the dev is looking to address the pressing issues that are plaguing the game at the moment.

The job openings are for system designers, who'll be working on loot systems, item creation and design, gameplay, graphics, combat balance and store and reward pipeline.

Now, the listings don't exactly mention Anthem, so it's entirely possible that some of these are meant for Bioware's other projects, like Dragon Age 4, which is said to be in production. 

However, Anthem is in dire need of a shake up and, for what it's worth, Bioware look like they've finally got round to it, led by general manager Casey Hudson, the man who had started Anthem to begin with.

Ironically enough, when he departed from Bioware in 2014, he said the studio is working on a title that will "redefine interactive entertainment", but we all know how that went.

It seems that comparisons to Destiny 2 are inevitable, as Bungie too struggled for a while, albeit managing to save their game in the end with expansions. Heck, they even broke away from Activision, and the timing couldn't have been better too.

Whether Bioware can do the same remains to be seen, but the similarities to Bungie's former predicament are uncanny. They too have a big publisher in EA, whose role in Anthem flopping so bad has long been debated, and probably overstated if we're to be honest. 

When it comes to development, Kotaku's piece on Anthem painted a grim picture of a team that has spent most of the development cycle without a clear focus, relying on so-called "Bioware magic" to make everything work in the last moment, which means plenty of crunch time in the last months.

Altchar picture showing nature and ruins Anthem

Once the initial confusion around Bioware's was cleared up, it was clear that the studio is well aware of the task ahead of them. Hopefully, it gets a happy ending.

You can find the Bioware jobs in question on EA's website , just look for Edmonton or Austin.

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