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Bayonetta developer still unimpressed by PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X leap

Published: 15:26, 25 May 2020
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After commenting on how PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are just "more of the same" , Atsushi Inaba received plenty of, ahem, feedback. While he didn't change his stance, he did say he should've phrased it differently.

You can imagine what sort of feedback he received but Inaba says it came out wrong, as if he snobbishly said that the consoles are not up to his standards.

It goes without saying that any developers can't not be excited for next-gen architectures - it's their bread and butter, as well as a tool to churn it out.

"But the comparison than I’m making is that… if you think back to the generation between Super Nintendo and PlayStation, and how we went from pixel art to 3D polygons… nobody could have ever imagined that a few years prior. When that stuff started coming out people were just blown away: they weren't ready for it, they weren't anticipating it… it was just so new", Inaba said. 

Inaba once again stressed that he's not being negative, but that the wow factor of that specific technological leap has not been matched since. Being the sort of old sods that vividly recall that era, it is indeed hard to argue that. He thinks that  Nintendo came the closest to a revolutionary console with Switch, which carved out a niche in the previously nonexistent portable console department. 

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Inaba still left himself some leeway here, as he said, "We haven't seen everything from next-gen at this point, I think, and it’s still very likely that there could be a quality like that in these consoles that's going to kind of be a game-changer, that's going to change how games could be played. And if that is the case, then maybe they’ll blow me away. So I don’t want to sound like, ‘hey, I know everything about the new consoles and they're boring’."

You can find the full interview here .

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