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Bayonetta got released on Steam today - all sneaky like

Published: 21:40, 11 April 2017
bayonetta screenshot showing female character
bayonetta screenshot showing female character

Bayonetta is now playable on PC, 7 years after its release on consoles for European and US markets. 4k, 60fps, Steam - sounds like a real PC release.

One less console exclusive, and that is a good thing because exclusives are silly. Bayonetta released on PC via today, following an April's Fools 8-Bit Bayonetta release on the same platform just a short while ago.

The PC port is supposed to run at 60fps on 4K resolutions, which might convince some players to give it a shot, or at least those who aren't getting the game to watch a naked shapeshifter witch shoot angels with her heel pistols. The digital deluxe version of the PC release will be included in the £15 priced title until 25 April 2017. This includes a digital artbook and five-track soundtrack.

Bayonetta is very similar to Devil May Cry series in a mechanical sense, so players can expect a lot of fast paced and chaotic combat, along with some unusual shifts in tone. 

Platinum Games recently released Nier: Automata for PC, and with this new Bayonetta port, Telxvi's heart sees the day he might get to play Vanquish on PC coming closer and closer.


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