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Bayonetta 2 will have Nintendo-themed costumes and touch controls

Published: 17:14, 09 January 2018
Platinum Games
Bayonetta 2 logo with Bayonetta herself flying behind it, with guns in her hands
Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 for the Switch will launch next month and will be compatible with Nintendo's amiibo figures. Bayonetta 3 is currently in development and will see the light of day as a Switch exclusive.

Bayonetta 2 is set to arrive in February. No, time travel doesn't work, you're still in 2018, and if you missed out on the game four years ago, Platinum Games has got your back. Bayonetta 2 for the Switch will go live next month, and it'll be compatible with Nintendo's amiibo figures.

By scanning a compatible Amiibo figure, players will receive Nintendo-themed costumes and weapons in Bayonetta 2, so the witch herself can run around in a sexy Mario costume you saw this past Halloween. Those girls are such dorks. If you don't buy into the whole amiibo thing, you can also acquire the costumes the old fashioned way - by actually playing the game. Gasp.

Platinum Games Bayonetta 2 Special Edition contents Bayonetta 2 Special Edition

The Switch release also gets a new Tag Climax multiplayer mode. Get my mind out of the gutter, please. Players will now be able to team up with a friend locally as well as globally. The catch is that each player still has to have their own system and copy of the game in order to play together. Classy. The game will support both the Classic control scheme (Joy-cons) as well as touch controls.

Both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 will playable on the Switch on 16 February. The ports are just a warm up, as Bayonetta 3 will make it a trilogy. No release date has been given for the Switch exclusive third instalment, but a brief teaser trailer is making the rounds.

Platinum Games Bayonetta standing in front of an illuminated figure Bayonetta 3

The game's Special Edition will be available on launch, and it includes Bayonetta 2 on a Nintendo Switch game card, a download code for Bayonetta, a SteelBook, Bayonetta-themed stickers and Verse Cards.

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