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Battletoads trailer leaves a lot to be desired but has hoverbikes

Published: 14:45, 10 June 2019
DLaLa Studios
Screenshot from the upcoming Battletoads game

Microsoft's Xbox E3 presentation included some announcements that sent hype through the roof while others focused on smaller releases like Battletoads. The game was expected for a long time but the new art style may not sit well with fans.

DLaLa Studios, the developers of Battletoads, went with 4K hand-drawn graphics in 2.5D which sounds amazing on the paper and had many fans sold. However, the art style makes the toads look like they crawled right out of Spongebob Squarepants and is not what the fans of the good old NES expected.

Battletoads already had a cartoonish appearance with caricatured facial expressions when they encountered a boss but it seems like the developers took this a little too far in that direction. Furthermore, all the toads lost a fair bit of their muscular looks and their arms sometimes look like glorified sticks that can beat up people with inexplicably obtained physical power.

On the bright side, the game will feature some other nostalgia-driven elements. Zitz, Pimple and Rash are all coming back and seem to have their signature moves so far. You can check their combat in action on the trailer above.

The combat itself looks rather chaotic and the toads blend in with the background too much which will probably result in player frustration when they lose track of their character. This is especially a problem in multiplayer games where several player-controlled characters are roaming the screen.

Speaking of which, Battletoads will feature three-player local co-op which might be chaotic on the battlefield, but will definitely be chaotic on the hoverbike sequences.

DLaLa Studios Picture of the toads on hoverbikes in Battletoads Battletoads - Hoverbikes

It remains to be seen if these infamous sequences will remain hard tests of skill since the original relied in part on poor overview of the incoming obstacles and players had to rely on the blinking heads up images. The new game will utilise a different point of view so players will be able to see what is coming from get-go.

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