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Battletech backer beta launching a without multiplayer

Published: 11:28, 26 May 2017
Paradox Interactve

Harebrained Schemes are launching their latest game's backer beta on 01 June. The initial version available on 01 June will not feature a multiplayer mode.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign granted the developer studio additional funds for new features, Harebrained Schemes will be releasing the Backer Beta of Battletech without its multiplayer mode. The news comes through their Kickstarter update page.

"Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, we've been working through some significant multiplayer connectivity issues and as of yesterday, we don't believe multiplayer will be stable enough for release by June 1st."

Paradox Interactve Battletech Battletech

The Backer Beta was previously back in March this year. The backers will still be able to go head to head with the game's AI in the Skirmish mode which will be available on 01 June. 

Battletech is a turn - based strategy game under development by Harebrained Schemes. Paradox Interactive will be credited as the publisher. The game is set to launch for PC, Mac and Linux in late 2017. 

Harebrained Schemes saved up around £780.000 to put towards the development of the game and then they turned to Kickstarter to get funding for the planned additional features. Those features include a single player campaign, an expansion of that campaign, and a player versus player multiplayer mode.

Paradox Interactve Battletech Battletech

Battletech shares its setting with a board game called Classic Battletech. In the game, you will be controlling a mercenary commander who leads his squad of combat vehicles called battlemechs.

The player will be tasked with choosing each mech's model, armour, pilot, and skills. These mechs look like giant humanoid-shaped combat vehicles, and they come in groups of four. There will be a skill tree so you can specialise your units. Even though the game is a turn - based strategy, it wll not feature the cover system.

The post containing the news about the lack of multiplayer also answered some of the more frequent beta backer questions. You can read all about that .

Paradox Interactve Battletech Battletech

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