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Star Wars: Battlefront II beta coming in fall - only if you pre-order

Published: 09:08, 10 June 2017
Star Wars: Battlefront II - Is it just me, or does Yoda look bored?

EA has announced some details surrounding the launch of Star Wars: Battlefront II. The game is scheduled to launch on 17 November 2017 following a beta test open to everyone who pre-orders the title.

The Star Wars: Battlefront II beta will be taking place sometime during this fall, with no specific date set yet. It wil be available to all players who pre-order the title. EA's official also details some of the other pre-order bait for the follow up to everyone's favourite disappointment - Battlefront I.

YouTube Star Wars: Battlefront II Star Wars: Battlefront II

It remains to be seen whether EA will have a Watch Dogs on their hands, considering the almost universal meh that followed the previous game's release. Battlefront I was a major disappointment for most players, in spite of stellar beta participation figures - counting around 9,5 million beta players.

Actual gameplay footage from the game should be shown on EA's mini-E3 that is going to be streamed on the event's .

If you look closely at the press-release, it's funny how the PC version is being announced as releasing on Origin, rather than PC.

"Star Wars Battlefront II officially lands on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin for PC", is stated in the announcement.

You have to love that PR-speak. 

YouTube Battlefront II Battlefront II

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