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Battlefield V will have Battlefield 1 weapons, fans are not happy

Published: 14:26, 05 October 2018
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Battlefield V

EA DICE have released a list of available weapons in Battlefield V, which turned to be focused on neither quality nor quantity as it features fewer primary and secondary weapons than its predecessors, some of which are from Battlefield 1.

Road to Battlefield V has been hectic since the announcement of the game, with the controversy over political corrects, ridiculous customisation options, even more ridiculous chat filter that EA blamed on algorithms and now the few fans that remained through thick and thin are voicing their displeasure over the inclusion of so many Battlefield 1 weapons in the World War 2 themed sequel.

A video content creator, Westie, who didn't shy away from proclaiming himself a Battlefield fanatic on his Twitter, voiced his displeasure over the of the 30 primary weapons and seven secondary weapons that will be in Battlefield V at launch. He compared it with Battlefield 4, which had 64 primary weapons and 13 secondary weapons.

That is pretty much a 50 per cent off, right from the start. He then proceeded to state that it was actually choices that DICE made that disappointed him even more than the weapon count. Westie took his concerns to Twitter as well, mentioning some of the weapons that were in promotional material but not in the final release. Here is a wild guess, but we are sure that many fans will be bummed out by the fact that the iconic M1 Garand will not be present at launch. In a World War 2 game. 

Westie's tweet chain, as well as the embedded video above, mentioned that there will be of new weapons at launch, that haven't been seen in the play tests so far, which finally prompted David Sirland, DICE's multiplayer producer also known as the guy who  for filtering "DLC" out of chat unless it has "free" in front of it, to .

EA DICE Creepy guy with a creepy mask is aiming his creepy gun at something in Battlefield. Battlefield 1

The response turned out to be slightly more underwhelming than the weapon list, as he stated that DICE felt like these weapons "are not remotely close to playing the same way" because they "feature specialisations & part based customisation". 

Sirland didn't offer any response as to why the full weapons list failed to excite any fans, or even offer a sort-of-explanation, but that would be hard considering that the beta testers weren't thrilled with the 17 weapons that were available then either.

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