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Battlefield V weapon skins leaked along with rarity tiers

Published: 19:56, 02 July 2018
Player is reloading his Stg 44 during Battlefield V gameplay
Battlefield V

EA DICE have launched Battlefield closed alpha test just days ago and data mined assets are already pouring in. The alpha itself didn't have many customisation options but reddit sleuths have managed to dig them up in the game files.

Reddit user has posted a picture with a list of skins for Stg 44 in Battlefield V, courtesy of their data mining endeavours. The skins listed are Default and Inactive as tier 0 skins, both of which will be likely available from get go. Tier 1 skins are Captured, Sprayed Green, Sprayed White and Sprayed Brown, presumable the ones of common rarity.

Pattern Desert, Pattern Winter, Pattern Woodland and Urban Tactical are the skins that make up Tier 2. All of the skins so far sound rather ordinary, except for the Sprayed ones in Tier 1. World War 2 ended in 1945 and spray paint was . I'm tired of blabbering about historical inaccuracy, but bear with me on this one, there is a different point to it below.

Continuing with Tier 3, things are starting to get fancy as we have Chromed, Factory New, Night Operation and Two-Tone Bluing skins. To top it off, Tier 4 will feature Custom Desert, Custom Winter, Custom Woodland and Engraved Gold skins. I imagine Engraved Gold will be particularly hard to get as it the prime candidate to be a symbol of status.

Now to get back to the spray cans and ridiculous weapon skins. I solemnly swear on that I wouldn't mention the historical inaccuracies but EA DICE made me have to call them out. Andreas Morel, a producer at DICE, claims that they want to make everything believable and they're . To that end, he stated that if something wasn't used in World War 2, they wouldn't put it into the game. So how did people us spray cans before '49?

EA DICE Screenshot of colourful but weird characters from Battlefield V Battlefield V super hero team, from left to right: Katana Commando, Female Terminator, Scrawny Kratos and Black Braveheart

He also mentioned that the controversial sword in the trailer was an object actually used by British forces, citing as the source. The thing is, Colonel Churchill carried a , and not a katana which is depicted in the trailer at 0:36 time stamp.

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