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Battlefield V update fixes crashing and Practice Range

Published: 11:44, 07 August 2019
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Battlefield V Chapter 3: Trial by Fire

EA and Dice have rolled out the 4.2.2 update to their shooter Battlefield V and it claims to eliminate the most common cause of crashing on all the platforms. There's also a separate fix for Practice range, but no content additions.

The update weighs in at around 800MB on PC and 450MB on PlayStation 4, while Xbox One owners will have to download 500MB.

In terms of patch notes, the only two changes are listed below:

  • Eliminated the most common cause of crashing on all Platforms, across all game modes
  • Separately fixed a different issue, addressing a hard crash in Practice Range when interacting with Planes

EA also said that they've noticed some PC issues in downloading of the Battlefield V update, and you're likely to experience a significant drop in download speeds once you hit 95 per cent.

While it's possible this was unique to their internal testing, Battlefield V players are advised to wait, rather than restart their machines.

"The Update is estimated at around 800MB in size on PC, so this will only affect the last 40MB or thereabouts, which is likely to download at around 100kb/s irrespective of your internet speed, or the rate at which the rest of the update downloaded at", they wrote.

Again, they will be working on these issues, but it's best to be patient, as the alternative seems to be delaying the Battlefield V update altogether. This is far from optimal, understandably so, especially since some users seem to be affected much more than others.

Whether the 4.2.2 update addresses Battlefield V crashing remains to be seen, but EA do sound pretty optimistic. 

Battlefield V's earlier update was hotfix, which focused on crashing and stability issues that plagued Xbox One players. These too have been particularly difficult to weed out, it seems, as the crashing was incredibly selective, which definitely didn't help the community spirit.

EA screenshot from battlefield v showing asian solider in fight Battlefield V: Defying the Odds chapter

Battlefield goes live today, 08 August 2019, at:

    PC -       1AM PT // 4AM ET // 9AM BST // 10AM CEST

    PS4 -     2AM PT // 5AM ET // 10AM BST // 11AM CEST

    Xbox -   3AM PT // 6AM ET // 11AM BST // 12PM CEST


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