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Battlefield V players not thrilled with Dice's announced TTK changes

Published: 02:00, 20 November 2019
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Battlefield V gets a much needed content update

Dice's most recent announcement on the changes expected with Battlefield V's update v5.2 doesn't seem to be going down well with all of the community, some of whom are concerned with the dev's decision to tinker with Time to Kill (TTK).

To be fair, that isn't the only contentious move Dice have got lined up for the 5.2 update, but it does seem among the most controversial ones, at least according to Reddit reactions. They'll be changing up damage falloff on most weapons too, which also fits into the equation, as well as introducing enemy acquisition icons.

Players, however, argue that barely anyone complained about TTK and that Battlefield V is finally in a good place, many of them baffled as to why Dice would do this. Others are busy drawing parallels with some earlier instalments, but the dev seems convinced it's for the best.

As for the enemy icons, Dice's community manager said, "One of our safeguards against this is how it keeps the Battlefield as more than just one frontline. If we see this change negatively impacting players abilities to play the game in all manner of styles then we'll review and react to that after the feature has gone live into the game". 

Battlefield V has recently received a massive update that somewhat rinsed the bitter aftertaste of the controversy-laden launch, and with EA moving Battlefield 6 into fiscal 2022, the enthusiasm over Dice's game seemed to be flowing once again. 

EA Japanese and US soldier as depicted in Battlefield V Battlefield V, Chapter 5: War in the Pacific

EA's decision to postpone Battlefield 6 means that there's ample time to get the current instalment spit-shined, but we suppose we'll have to try and see whether the 5.2 update is a step in that direction. 

You can find Dice's proposed changes and check out the resulting discussion

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